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Are you a business that sells equipment?

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If so we can be your 'business manager'

The best way to explain how we can help your equipment sales is to give you examples of how a New or Large used Motor dealer operates.

  • First a customer enquires about a motor vehicle, is shown the options then price is discussed. 
  • Successful motor dealerships also then offer finance terms. 
  • If the customer is interested, they are referred to the ‘business manager’ or ‘finance manager’. These ‘business managers’ are trained to either help close the sale or provide the finance for the motor vehicle purchased. 
  • We can be your ‘business manager’ and you can implement us early in the process as needed or after the sale is confirmed. 
  • Our focus is to help you sell more unitsso we have the ability to provide more finance. 
  •  As you are aware not all customers are Tier 1 clients, they may have had small or large issues and need non confirming lenders to help them. We have the ability to assist Tier 1 to Tier 3 clients so you will not miss out on the sale.

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