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second chance car finance

We provide second chance finance options 7 days per week


Do you need a second chance?

Have you been knocked back on finance at the dealership when buying a new car?

Perhaps the lending limitations of your dealer has affected your abiltiy to source a funding solution

  • Everyone deserves a second chance
  • We have the right lenders to rebuild your credit rating
  • We work for you to negotiate with the lenders
  • We can help you anywhere in Australia 7 days a week

Things you need to consider:

  • We have access to all the lenders regardless of your financial situation
  • If you are self employed there may be no need to provide any financial information
  • Never have to do another finance application ever again
I tried to buy a new car at a big car dealership but my finance application was knocked back. I wasn't really sure why until I spoke to another finance company and undertood that the dealership may have had a limited number of lenders that they use. Once I spoke to Working Finance Group, who have access to all the lenders, they found a funding solution that really suited me. 

Timothy Spelt 

Happy with his new Volkswagen Golf 

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