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new and used car finance

Whether you need new or used car finance, we provide car finance 7 days a week

new and used car finance

New and Used Car Finance that works for you

We have been providing car finance now for a long time. We have become quite good at it and we access to all the lenders to negotiate the best deal for you.

  • We can beat the car dealership finance
  • We are not restricted to using one lender
  • We work for you to negotiate the best outcome
  • Finance your car, no matter the age
  • Dealer, auction or private sale makes no difference to your finance
  • We can help you anywhere in Australia 7 days a week

Things you need to consider:

  • We have access to all the lenders regardless of your financial situation
  • If you are self employed there may be no need to provide any financial information
  • Never have to do another finance application ever again
  • We have many options to suit your needs. 

"All options, from a basic Car Finance Loan, right through to a Full Operating Lease"


I thought I understood car finance until I spoke to Working Finance Group. There are so many factors to consider to ensure that you get the best deal for you. Like people, finance is quite individual. I endorse the ability of Working Finance Group to find the best finance solution for your specific needs. 

Sally Savidis

Barista in a Cafe

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