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We work with truck owners all over Australia. We understand that not all trucks are the same nor should their finance be. 


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Business equipment comes in all shapes and sizes.  So we developed workable business solutions in all shapes and sizes.


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We understand that agribusiness is often seasonal. We provide hard working equipment and machinery finance that works.


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A valuable option for startup and established business alike.  We'll show you how "rental" can be transformed into an asset.



Fill out our 'Contact Us' form or Call Us. A qualified Finance Negotiator will contact you to get the ball rolling and get the process started. We understand the term 'urgency'. **Tip: Applying for finance at more than one lender could have a negative impact on your credit rating. 


Discuss your specfic personal situation and what you want to buy/purchase. We understand all financial positions and every specific case is assessed on it's own merits. Sometimes more than one funding solution can be considered depending on circumstance/needs.


Your Finance Negotiator builds and submits your application.  We will select from our extensive Master Lender Panel the best funding provider that best suits your individual needs. We understand the immense variations that different industry sectors require.


Your funding solution is approved and you can purchase your new income producing asset or perhaps you have requested a pre-approval for your finance. Your Finance Negotiator will contact you immediately.


Happy Days, use your new asset to generate income in your business and accelerate your success by improving sales/turnover and maximising profitability.

Success Stories

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Bob - Tipper Truck Drive


Bob has earnt wages most of his life but now has goal/ambition to purchase his own truck as he has opportunity to procure steady contract work and work for himself. Bob perceives that his financials (paperwork) are  adequate to secure a funding solution.


Bob has google searched to investigate the requirements needed to secure finance to buy a truck. He is scanning search results to find a possible solution to his funding. He is interested in talking to someone that genuinely cares about his situation on the phone to guide him through lending options and requirements.

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Baljit - Uber Car Owner / Operator


Baljit has a job and wants to be independent and sees Uber as a vehicle to achieving his goal.


Baljit has most likely searched the web to see his options and needs help in clarifying the path to purchasing his car for Uber.


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Sandra - Business Start Up 


Sandra has experience in the industry and wants to start her own small business as a Cafe and needs a flexible funding solution to pursue her dream.


Sandra had read about 'start up' funding solutions on the internet and contacted Working Finance Group to discuss her position and plans. Our Finance Negotiator worked out the best funding solution to meet her specific needs to get her started.  She was approved quickly and set off to turn her dream into reality.

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Ernie - Excavation Contractor


Ernie has an excavation business employing 3 team members and needs an additional excavator to expand his ability to complete more work. Some of his current equipment is financed and his payment schedule is up to date but has had some defaults from late payments in the past.  


Ernie is uncertain as to how some of his past defaults will affect his ability to secure finance. He needs to be reassured that although his finance options have been reduced, he is capable of securing finance at a competitive rate. He needs a funding expert that understands his situation, is non-judgemental and is sincerely (and evidently) willing to secure a funding solution with his best interests in mind.

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Roy - Tautliner Truck Driver


Roy has landed a 12 month contract to transport freight. He has anxiety in progressing and coming to terms with a 60 month term funding solution whilst only having a 12 month work contract so he is seeing the ‘Rent to Own’ product is an attractive option with less risk but is confused at how the product works.


Roy has read and heard about ‘Rent to Own’ financing but needs clarity on the product specifics. He needs to talk to an expert that can simply explain the features & benefits of the product and furthermore, how it directly compares to a traditional 60 month, fixed rate funding solution. He needs to understand the tax advantages & term of the ‘Rent to Own’ product and how this relates to the comparatively high monthly repayments associated with this product.